Custom Jewish Wedding Monograms

Unique emblems of your love for wedding day & beyond

How It Works

Step 1

Once you’ve decided you’d like to work together on crafting a custom Jewish wedding monogram, we’ll set up a Zoom call where I can get to know the two of you and hear your story. 

In addition to listening to you share the way you met, what you enjoy doing together, and your design preferences, we will explore the different Hebrew and/or English ways your names enmesh to find a meaning that inspires the monogram. You’ll also be able to show me inspiration images or even a Pinterest board, and we can chat about whether you might like to include a pasuk (Biblical quotation) in your monogram. 

Then, once we’ve talked everything through, we can decide together what direction to take as I begin to design your monogram. 

Step 2

I’ll get to work creating your monogram. Then, when I have a design to show you, we’ll have another Zoom meeting where you can share your feedback - I’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want, no matter how revisions it takes. I understand that you may change your mind about what you’d like your monogram to look like as the process goes along, and that’s absolutely fine.And you’re always welcome to provide feedback by email between meetings, at any time.

Step 3

Once the two of you have settled on a final design, I’ll supply camera-ready art, create a shared Dropbox folder where you can access various files and versions, and serve as liaison to whichever vendors you’re working with for stationery, benchers, and kippot - and anything else you might want to adorn with your monogram. I know it can be a hassle figuring out which files and what information your various vendors will need, so to streamline things for you I provide this service complimentary for all of my couples.


Prices begin at $350

When you decide to move forward with a custom wedding monogram, I’ll ask for 50% payment upfront before we begin working together, and 50% upon completion. 

My prices for custom Jewish wedding monograms start at $350 – please get in touch with me for a quote based on your specific needs.