Your Jewish Love Story; Bashert by Design

Why Have a Jewish Monogram?

With a custom Jewish wedding monogram, you can put your own unique stamp on every aspect of your big day - and beyond. 

A personalized monogram is the perfect way to brand your wedding. It’ll anchor all the aspects of your big day together into one cohesive package, centered squarely on who the two of you are as a couple. 

Much more than a generic monogram displaying your initials, a custom Jewish wedding monogram is a bespoke piece of visual storytelling. In crafting your monogram, I’ll get to know the two of you and the things that make you tick. The results will reflect that. 

My knowledge of Hebrew, liturgy, and Jewish tradition means your custom monogram will be not only beautiful but spiritually meaningful too, speaking to the religious significance of your wedding day and what it means for the Jewish life the two of you are establishing. 

Beyond your wedding, your custom monogram is also a wonderful way to imprint your new shared identity as a married couple on the home you’re building together. You can put your monogram on a challah cover, etch it into wine glasses for your Shabbat table, and even have it made into custom postage stamps if you’re located in the US (perfect for those thank you notes!). It’s a beautiful reminder of your wedding day to carry into your newlywed life.

Kind Words from a Bride

“Elise, thank you so much for creating our wedding monogram! It so beautifully captured the two of us and our love for each other. Each detail was highly personalized to us as a couple – we used the monogram on our invitations and benchers and received endless compliments .…Thank you for your attention to detail, patience throughout the design process, and for helping us integrate a beautiful Hebrew pasuk that represents our relationship. You're truly the best of the best, we can't thank you enough!" -Miri Lieber