Custom Jewish Wedding Monograms

Unique emblems of love for your wedding day & beyond

  • Eve & Phil

    Hebrew Initials with Hebrew / English Quote

    The story behind this logo 
  • English Wedding Monogram Ink Wash

    Mara & Aaron

    English Monogram with Hebrew Names, Original design was hand painted with ink wash.

  • Tehila & Sam

    Hebrew Monogram with Hebrew Quote & Roses

  • Jonathan & Miri

    Hebrew Initial Monogram, Image and Hebrew/English quote

  • Jordan & Faith

    English Initials with Illumination & Filigree / English Translation of Ani L'dodi

  • Deena & Yehuda

    Hebrew Monogram in the shape of a Yad, representing the Hebrew Initials of the couple Yud & Daled

  • Alex & Brett

    English Initials with Hebrew Names

  • Ari & Rena

    English Names with Hebrew/English quote

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