Custom Jewish Wedding Monograms

Unique emblems of love for your wedding day & beyond

Eve & Phil

Eve & Phil chose to have their monogram created from their Hebrew initials. After playing with the letters (Yud for Yaffa & Chet for Chananya) the word Chai emerged: which means life.

Eve & Phil's romance has been a lifetime in the making: It was love at first sight when Phil spotted Eve by her locker her first day of high school!

I surrounded the Hebrew logo with a Hebrew/English quote from Song of Songs, "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine."

  • Invitation Cover

    Eve & Phil featired their Jewish Monogram on the cover of this beautiful laser cut lace double sided invitation.

  • Program

    Eve & Phil Jewish Monogram gave their wedding day a bramd by These Ceremony Programs were placed on each guest's seats.

  • Invitation Cover

    The monogram was key in setting the tone for the event (the invitation text is on the flip side)

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